Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Our website was closed for the last few days due to an unfortunate "doxing incident" with one of our members. We believe that our timing to release website and full information may have been confusing to some and a belief that we are associated or part of another group, Citizens Against Tyranny.We are not associated with this group. We are just a small group of small business owners and such that have concerns with our chief of police's actions and statements. There is truly no anti police, specific political agenda within our group. We just believe in holding public officials accountable.

While we are against doxing private citizen individuals and any violence/threats, we do believe in holding our public officials accountable to the community, which is why this website was created. At this time, Roseburg Citizens for Truth has suspended activity (planned petition, outreach) but will have website open.

We will continue to host information pertained on this website that includes full police report, studies and such in order to give the public a complete picture and have them make up their mind regarding our allegations against Chief Klopfenstein that he mislead/lied about reasons for high crime rate statistics and pointing out his own hypocrisy in how he handled covid mandate in his community. 

Despite repeated emails, Chief Klopfenstein has yet to challenge any of the information or allegations provided on this website. Klopfenstein reported to media that he was supported by his city manager and that was good enough for him. He has told media that he did not lie regarding FBI statistics allegation but has yet to return any emails/calls to explain why he blamed a lack of online reporting system and the "why bother" excuse as reason for high crime statistics. We encourage you to read our post and evidence that shows otherwise.

To answer other questions. #1 Yes, are real people with real concerns. We are not Russian disinformation operatives. #3 No, we will not be listing any prior or current members for reasons stated above. If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to us TIMETOGOGARY@GMAIL.COM 

Friday, January 8, 2021



By Joshua Brennon on behalf of Roseburg citizens for truth.

Targeted and selective enforcement of Governor Brown's executive order by Roseburg's top cop? Hypocritical actions about covid19 safety procedures? Lying about online reporting systems? That seems to be the belief of several Roseburg residents regarding Roseburg police chief Gary Klopfenstein's enforcement actions of Governor Kate Brown's executive order to stop the spread of covid-19 and excuses made that showed high crime statistics in Roseburg.  

In April 2020, Chief Klopfenstein released the following statement concerning executive orders as businesses were being shut down and closed:

In early May 2020, Casey's restaurant, like many others, was struggling due to the restrictions that Governor Brown's executive order had placed on all restaurants in Oregon.  Owner Lance Mounts felt that Governor Brown had overstepped her authority in ordering his business to close.  Mounts shared a legal opinion, at this time, that the executive order was not legally valid due to Oregon constitutional language (legislative approval has to be made past 30 day time period).

Mounts was struggling to ensure that his employees could continue to be paid and that his business could continue operation.  Mounts felt that he could open his business with safety precautions in place such as 50% occupancy and other forms of safety precautions.  On May 6th, 2020, Mounts opened his business back up to customers that choose to visit and support. 

There was talk on social media that Casey's restaurant was opening in violation of the order. This also was heard by RPD chief Klopfenstein.  Instead of having one of his regular patrol officers respond to any complaints that would be coming in, Klopfenstein decided to take a more personal approach against Mounts and his business and handle this situation himself instead of having a regular patrol officer respond or direct concerning callers to OSHA.

 link to full RPD 20-1884 report

Outlined in Klopfenstein's own police report, Klopfenstein drove by Casey's restaurant and took pictures of the signage that Mounts had placed announcing business was open but with safety precautions in place.  Klopfenstein also took a picture of customers seated inside of the restaurant. Klopfenstein notes that these pictures were taken before a call came into dispatch reporting that the business was open. Klopfenstein's report appears to show him taking pictures of Casey's BEFORE a complaint is made to dispatch.


Klopfenstein writes in his report of his concern for the safety of individuals as he was witnessing individuals not practicing social distancing recommendations.

Klopfenstein reported that he then made contact with Mounts. Mounts informed Klopfenstein that he did not believe that Governor Brown's executive order was still valid and that he was opening his business with safety precautions in place. Mounts cited legal language as to why he believed that order to close his business was no longer valid.


 After Mount's explanation and legal reason to open business with safety precautions, Klopfenstein gives Mounts a complete copy of Governor Brown's executive order 20-07. Klopfenstein then informs Mounts that he would be contacting OSHA, Oregon Health Authority (food handler license) and the Douglas County Health Department.